The college provides following facilities to the students.

  • Modern Lab
  • Hostels
  • Transport
  • Sports and Games
  • Library


The sardar Kartar Singh Hayer School/ College of nursing is building a tradition of excellence. We provide top quality, affordable, comprehensive patient care while our students pursue an integrated educational experience that combines extensive clinical practice with rigorous course work. These are the Laboratory facilities:

  • Pre- Clinical laboratory
  • Nursing foundation Laboratory
  • Community Health Laboratory
  • Maternal and Child Health Nursing Laboratory
  • Nutrition Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Audio Visual Aids laboratory

  • PRE-CLINICAL LABORATORY- In this well-equipped Pre- Clinical Lab, students learn preclinical subjects like Anatomy and physiology. The laboratory is equipped with all latest models, charts, slides and specimens.
  • NURSING FOUNDATION LABORATORY- In this well equipped Pre-clinical lab, students practice the nursing arts procedures before the start their actual practice in the clinical field. The laboratory is equipped with a chase doll, patient simulator, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation manneeqin and hand simulator in addition to the facilities in an ideal ward situation.

  • COMMUNITY HEALTH LABORATORY- In this laboratory, the students practice the skills and techniques for family health care and public health activities. This community Health Nursing Laboratory has all the facilities for organizing various community health projects, camps exhibitions and mass campaigns. The laboratory is unique as it provides for in-house preparation of various audio visual aids for information, education and communication (IEC) activities on health  topics.

  • MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH NURSING LABORATORY- This state-of-art laboratory facilities the students to practice ante natal, infra natal and post natal care before they go to the clinical setting. A mannequin to practice abdominal examination and delivery, episiotomy suture simulator, new born doll, instruments for different obstetric and gynaecologic procedures make it apt place to learn Maternity Nursing and Child Health Nursing.

  • NUTRITION LABORATORY- Under the guidance of a qualified dietician, the students are taught to prepare diets for normal individuals, pregnant women and also for those affected with various disorders. The laboratory is equipped with facilities for cooling, storage, preservation of food and demonstration of preparing diet based on the nutritional needs of the people.
  • COMPUTER LABORATORY- The computer lab is equipped with an adequate number of computers with internet facility to train the students in basic computer applications. The students are trained by expert computer professionals accomplishments of the various disciplines in the hospitals.

  • AUDIO VISUAL AIDS LABORATORY- The Audio Visual Laboratory is equipped with high tech educational media to support the teaching-learning activities of the nursing students. The collection in this regard includes television, overhead projectors, slide projectors, audio/video players, CD players tape recorders, public address system, digital cameras etc.
  • HOSTEL- Hostel rooms are provided for students who want to stay in  hostel. Hostel has facility of attached bath and toilet. Students in a rooms is provided a cot, table and chair and an Almira. Recreation facilities like television, newspaper, magazines and indoor games are provided in the hostel. First-aid box and Medical doctors on call are also provided. Washerman is available for the students in the hostels.T he hostel inmates are provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The management takes care to serve the students with hygienic food and to keep the kitchen and the dinning halls clean and tidy.

  • The college has its own buses services. Transport facility is provided to/form the hostel to college campus and for clinical community field area.
  • SPORTS AND GAMES FACILITY- The college provides adequate infrastructural support for all such student-activities which would provide them them physical  fitness & personality development and cultivate in them sportsman, spirit, team spirit, leadership and talent. There are in- campus activities like Cricket, basketball , volleyball, ,football ,trackfield , athletics and indoor games.
  • Library- The college Library is spacious and is open to the students and staff of the college. Students have to take library membership cards. Library facilities is available from 9a.m to 2 p.m. during working days other facilities provided in the library are photocopy facility and information search facility which has been provided at the computer lab. The library is equipped with about 3000 volumes of books related to the medical, nursing subject’s taught in the nursing programe in the colleges. The library also subscribes national and international journals.